CCSEAL as one of professional mechanical seal manufacturers in china.  Our company supply standard metric mechanical seals. It can be a exact replacement for your original pump mechanical seal. Some mechanical seal of working principle that you should know. How a seal work ?  The classification of mechanical seals is multiple. There are john crane , burgmann, flowserve, roten type etc.

mechanical seal manufacturers

There are many mechanical seal manufacturers in china. Our goal is to be top five supplier of mechanical seal in china. For mechanical seal , there are standard metric mechanical seals , inch mechanical seal.

what mechanical seal we can supply ?

We can supply john crane, burgmann, flowserve, roten mechanical seal,  include standard metric , inch size. Also, we can supply nonstandard mechanical seal based on your drawing.

Can it be a replacement for a original mechanical seal ?

The answer is yes. We manufacture mechanical seal according to original principle, size, structure, and material. So, it will be a exact replace original for sure. And as one of reliable mechanical seal manufacturers, we can promise it will run in 1 years , normally.

How a mechanical seal work ?

Some basic components and principles in mechanical seal design are helpful to form working seal at the interface of rotary shaft and fixed pump/mixer/sealing chamber shell. Mechanical seals are usually end seals or rotary seals, but in some designs they can be a mixture of circumferential and even lip seals. In any case, the following components are common to all mechanical seals:

  • Rotary primary seal element: fixed on shaft / seal shaft, sealed with fixed main seal element.
  • Fixed main seal: Fixed on the fixed shell of pump, mixer or other equipment, the rotating shaft passes through the fixed shell, and sealed with the rotary main seal.
  • Closing force: bias primary seal element contacts, start seal.
  • Static and / or dynamic secondary seals: seals between mechanical seals and equipment shafts and shells.

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