how does a mechanical seal work in a pump ?mechanical seal working principle. Let us look through mechanical seal basics. How many components a mechanical seal have ? There are two different seal types of mechanical seal. gland packing vs mechanical seal. What is advantage of both mechanical seal types ? And what is disadvantage of both type ? We are going to classification of both type by a chart. 

mechanical seal working principle

how does a mechanical seal work in a pump ?

First, let us back to mechanical seal basics. Mechanical seal types is important for a pumps which is used in petrochemical ,power, gas industry ect.

Mechanical seal working principle is rotating seal contact rotary seal , and rotate together. Spring pressure to make both seal always fit together. Secondary seal to help seal, too. That’s why mechanical seal can seal.

mechanical seal flush is crucial for cooling the all mechanical seal system. That make mechanical seal keep long use time. how to do a mechanical seal installation ?

gland packing vs mechanical seal

Packing seal is a traditional contact seal, which is widely used. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient replacement, low cost and wide application range.

For a mechanical seal pump, that can be a little leakage. Packing seal is usually used in clean water pumps. So, pump gland seal water pressure will have effect on leakage or not. Pump gland packing leakage rate depend on pressure, temperature and speed of pump.

Both mechanical seal working principle is different, because both types are different structure. And they will be selected different mechanical seal material.

Following is gland packing vs mechanical seal.We will choose oil, water as barrier liquid.

Item Packing seal Mechanical seal
Leakage value much 5ml/min~20ml/min little  Few
Use time short Need to replace packing and shaft in time long 1~2 years
Shaft abrasion Some Shaft(sleeve) abrasion Few Shaft might wear rotary seal ring a little
Adjustment Need Always need to press gland and packing to be closed No need Both seal face fit , automatically.
Power consumption Much More abrasion face, more abrasion rate, higher power consumption Little Less abrasion face, less abrasion rate, lower power consumption
Structure Simple Less component Complex More component, High-precision
Installation Easy Not much difficult for installation Difficult Need experience and technology to install
replace Easy No need to disassemble pump to replace packing Difficult Need to assemble pump or entire system
Application scale Small Limit temp, pressure, speed not too much Wide Fit high temp, pressure, speed.
packing seal
packing seal


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