How to select mechanical seal material ? Are there any difference for ceramics, Silicon carbide, & Carbon in mechanical seal ?Do we have material codes for classification of mechanical seals ? Off course, we do.  What is material codes for different mechanical seal? You will know that in the article. And material will have effect on mechanical seal leakage ? 

mechanical seal material

mechanical seal face material

How to select material of mechanical seal  ?

As a professional mechanical seal manufacturer, we will pay attention on material selection. That is best part. There are some components for mechanical seal. So, material of those could be different. Now, we will talk about every single component to check different material.

  • Seal face material: Carbon, Ceramics, Silicon carbide, Tungsten carbide
  • Secondary seal material: Viton/EPDM/PTFE/NBR
  • Spring: hastelloy alloy
  • Metal part: stainless steel 304/316L

That is totally depend on operation limits of mechanical seal. I will give you some example.

We will select secondary seal material based on media, temperature, etc. If just water in pump housing, that would be no problem for NBR and Viton. Next, we will look at temperature.

For seal face material , this is very important for mechanical seal. If select wrong material which not fit media. That would be dangerous, then cause mechanical seal leakage. Normally, we will use silicon carbide as seal face material.

What is material codes for different mechanical seal?

According to mechanical seal installation specification. Material codes will give you as following:

Seal face: Silicon carbide (Q1, Q2),Special cast CrMo steel (S),  Aluminium Oxide (V)
Seat G9: Carbon graphite resin impregnated (B), Carbon graphite antimony impregnated (A), Silicon carbide (Q1*, Q2*)

Seat G4: Silicon carbide (Q1*, Q2*)
Seat G6: Silicon carbide (Q1*, Q2*)
Seat G13: Carbon graphite antimony impregnated (A),
Carbon graphite resin impregnated (B)
Secondary seals: EPDM (E), NBR (P), FKM (V), FFKM (K)
Springs: CrNiMo steel (G)
Metal parts: CrNiMo steel (G), Duplex (G1)

Material will have effect on mechanical seal leakage ?

When we try to find mechanical seal leakage causes. We usually notice seal face and secondary seal. First of all, to check if all those is good. Off course, seal face damage make mechanical seal leakage. So, in order to avoid that, we will choose a suitable material according to mechanical seal operating limits. That mean choose a suitable material will make mechanical seal working long time. Then check if mechanical seal spring compression is good.

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