What is a centrifugal pump mechanical seal ?  How to replace centrifugal pump mechanical seal ? How to find a right centrifugal pump mechanical seal replacement ? Do you have any question of checking pump and parts after you disassemble it ? Do you want to know some instructions of installation ?

Pump mechanical seal replacement

What is a centrifugal pump mechanical seal ?

In centrifugal pump, the Impeller of mechanical seal spin in the pump housing. There is minor gap in the both side. Full of fluid in the centrifugal pump and sometimes those are dangerous and hazardous to human and environment.  The best way to prevent fluid leakage from pump housing is to install mechanical seal in centrifugal pump. Mechanical seal help to seal rotary seal against stationary seal of pump. So, mechanical seal is a packing device between rotary impeller and stationary pump housing. There are two main part of mechanical seal. One is rotary part which connect to pump shaft. The other one is stationary part which connect pump housing.

How to replace centrifugal pump mechanical seal ?

Before we know something about centrifugal pump mechanical seal replacement. Let us talk about mechanical seal in centrifugal pump. A centrifugal pump use force of centrifugal to move water through plumbing systems and hoses. Centrifugal pump spin to make pump shaft spin at high speed with impeller which create a vacuum to push the water.  Mechanical seal is intalled to prevent water into electric motor. Replacing a mechanical seal include open pump housing shell, move shaft impeller and move off old seal. That is what i am talking about. Pump mechanical seal replacement.

  • Stop centrifugal pump, shut off the supply power. Cut some plumbing to connect centrifugal pump. Disassemble pump at a free working area.
  • Unscrew all bolt of pump with wrench. Moving motor of centrifugal pump off wet end.
  • Place wrench over the shaft and still hold it, impeller of centrifugal pump counterclockwise off the shaft, Take one seal out of the back of the mechanical seal, and slide the next seal off the shaft.
  • Place a new seal on the shaft, slide mechanical seal along the seal. But be careful not to touch the front face of the seal with your finger. If oil get on the seal. That will damage seal. And might not work properly.
  • Secure shaft with a wrench, screw impeller onto the shaft of the motor of the pump. Line up bolt and wet end of pump. Insert the bolt. And hold together with a wrench.
  • Place centrifugal pump system back into plumbing. Secure the pump onto the pipe with pvc glue and primer. Before operate pump system, dry pvc glue and primer at least 2 days.

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