what might cause a mechanical seal failure ? When we setting a mechanical shaft seal , not to thump couplings arrangement. And pump shaft vibration can cause seal failure, as well. When we use a mechanical seal , to prevent leakage. What we should notice. Is there any error can be made by human to cause failure ?

A mechanical seal ensure pump not to leak, which might damage the rest of the machine. A mechanical seal include fluid in machine, such as pump and agitator. Let us look at some reason why a mechanical seal failure, and help you make it a long life of mechanical seal.

1, Thump couplings cause seal failure

Some component can thump couplings, That will produce much vibration and movement. Thus, that will cause problem not only for pump, but also for mechanical seal. Also, it might damage seal component, such as silicon carbide,especially.

2, vibrated pump cause failure

According to detection, pump vibration was caused by alignment, unbalanced or over BEP of pumps. Which mean it is over commen working point. That vibration damage pump and short life of mechanical seal.

3, Make pump and mechanical seal keep dry cause failure

If mechanical seal run dry, friction will cause heat to accumulate, and damage it.  After heat up, mechanical seal can disintegrate in just 30 seconds. If pump or mechanical seal run dry, mechanical seal is easily to leak or damage.

4, Using not correct seal cause seal failure

From mechanical seal leak test procedure, we find that find a appropriate seal is very important. That mean you are selecting appropriate seal for machine you are using. However, experienced engineer can make a mistake. Which can lead a error during installation. Different operating condition require different type of mechanical seal. And need different material of it. Using a abrasive material can short life of mechanical seal.

5, error by human cause seal failure

Simple human error can cause pump mechanical seal failure. For example, Inappropriate machine up result in shaft to twist and motor to trip, Which cause movement that result in internal component coming into contact, seal to failure. Even, short life of bearing. And the other reasons that might cause seal failure include inappropriate seal installation. Oil, dirt and fingerprint can cause seal failure. Thus, mechanical seal maintenance is very important.


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