There are sort of pump mechanical seal types. Every type have different advantage for specific application. Such as, conventional, pusher and non-pusher, balanced and unbalanced, cartridge type. How mechanical seal operate ? 


Setting a conventional pump mechanical seal types is generally used for application which may not designed originally with mechanical seal. Instead be designed seal with lip. Those mainly used for upgrade and retrofit of pumps and compressors. That may need some maintenance to achieve change.

Pusher and Non-Pusher

Pusher mechanical seal use spring on the shaft assembly to push both seal face together and keep rotary. One the other side, non-pusher use rubber bellow instead of spring compression to push effacement halves together. Both have proper complex and cost. And tolerate slight misalignment and vibration.

balanced and unbalanced

Balanced pump mechanical seal types can handle higher pressure. And More suitable for low lubrication liquid. Unbalanced mechanical seal can operate well at the situation of higher vibration or misalignment.You can check some balanced and unbalanced structure in specification.

cartridge type

Cartridge mechanical seal is different from others. Now, you will see cartridge seal vs the other mechanical seal. Cartridge type provide the entire mechanical seal package, easy to replace. And neatly install and fit into pump housing. Cartridge seal provide need static seal for rotary shaft and stationary pump housing. Now, most of pump manufacturer incorporate common cartridge mechanical seal for new seal. So that get easier maintenance.

How mechanical seal operate ?

A mechanical seal provide sealing reconciliation between spin shaft and static pump or compressor housing. That generally have key components, such as ring or bushing. The other part connect to static housing and have a similar o ring seal as static housing. Spring compression to press seal face together. In this case, actual movement take place. A pump mechanical seal types allow a minimal leakage through seal face to lubricate it to reduce seal abrasion.

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