As we know, the most crucial element of a mechanical seal are primary seal ring and secondary seal ring. What are material for both parts ? This could be a best mechanical seals manual about john crane material code for distributor. As all mechanical shaft seal material code can be find here, especially for john crane and burgmann.

What material we can provide you for mechanical shaft seal ?

Primary seal ring:

  • Full carbon, resin impregnated carbon, antimony impregnated carbon,
  • Reaction sintering silicon carbide, Pressureless sintering silicon carbide,
  • Ceramics
  • Tungsten carbide

Seconday seal ring:

  • Fluoroelastomer(Viton)
  • Nitrile-butadiene-rubber (NBR),Hydrogenated Nitrile-rubber (HNBR),
  • Perfluorocarbon rubber FFKM
  • Ethylene-propylene-rubber EPDM
  • Perfluoroether

Burgmann mechanical seal identification material code

Face material
Carbon Metal
A Antimony impregnated carbon graphite E CR steel
B Resin impregnated carbon graphite F1 CRNI steel
B3 Full carbon graphite F CrNi steel
    G CrNiMo steel
    S Special cast CrMo steel
Carbide Ceramics
U Tungsten carbide, Ni-binder, brazed X Steatite
U1 Tungsten carbide, Ni-binder, solid V Ceramic(Al-Oxide 99 % Al2O3)
Q1 Sintered pressureless silicon carbide (SiC) V1 Ceramic (Al-Oxide 95 % Al2O3)
Q6 Sintered pressureless silicon carbide with carbon (SiC-C) Plastics
Q7  sintered pressureless silicon carbide, controlled porosity (SiC) Y1 PTFE glass fiber reinforced
    Y2 PTFE carbon reinforced
Secondary seal Spring
P NBR D C steel
P2 NBR(drinking water approved) F 304 stainless steel
P5 NBR((indicated for ozone


G 316
V FKM M Hastelloy
E EPDM Construction material
E2 EPDM(drinking water approved) E Cr steel AISI 420
T PTFE F1  431
N Polychloroprene rubber G 316L
    G1 Duplex

john crane mechanical seal material code and some cross reference

To give client best service and assist distributor to understand material of shaft seal. John crane creat a seal material identification code. Which is very special code to define seal material. So, application requirement can be easy identification. As it is, john crane material code is to define every part of seal, but define very rucial component of a seal. For more than 20 year, john crane have devote to develop new products, and make identification code easy to understand.

John crane material code

Symbol Material Symbol Material
B Buna-N Q TFE
B93 Low temperature buna-N S Tool steel
C Ceramics V TFE
D Tungsten carbide X Viton
D95 Silicon carbide/ Graphite X51 Isolast
D96 Silicon carbide/ Graphite X5 KALREZ
F Carbon X48 Perfluoroether rubber
F3 Carbon heat transfer X30 Chemraz
F5 Carbon nuclear X28 Viton
F6 Carbon food X18 Aflas
F12 Carbon hot water X14 Kalrez
F28 Carbon gas seal 1 Stainless steel
F31 Carbon chemical 2 Brass
F32 Carbon dry-running 3 PHOSPHOR BRONZE
F35 Carbonb refrigration 4 BRONZE
F40 Carbon Automotive 5 HIGH LEAD BRONZE
F48 Carbon HP hydrocarbon 6 Cast iron
F50 Carbon commercial 7 Ni-resist
F51 Carbon general 8 Plated steel
F55 Carbon severe duty 9 STELLITE OR EQUAL
F60 Carbon light duty gas seal    
F77 Carbon dry-running    
H Hastelloy    
J Silicon    
M Monel    
N Neoprene    
O Special materials    
O8 Reacton bond silicon carbide    
O10 High purity ceramics    
O15 Tungsten carbide    

Cross reference for john crane seal ring shape.

Under this document, we will explain and clarify different mechanical seal types with different seal ring shape and spring.

john crane seal ring shape cross reference
john crane seal ring shape cross reference

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