What is Burgmann & john crane material code ?

As we know, the most crucial element of a mechanical seal are primary seal ring and secondary seal ring. What are material for both parts ? This could be a best mechanical seals manual about john crane material code for distributor. As all mechanical shaft seal material code can be find here, especially for john crane and burgmann.

[Basics] What is a water pump shaft seals ?

What is main elements of a water pump seals? What is material of common faces ?And how does those work in a water pump automotive? Fluid film is very crucial for seal faces run against together. So, how does it creat and how to work ? What is reason of pump shaft need to be sealed? To know this, we need to go back mechanical seal basics. We choose mechanical seal not gland packing, typically. Why do we need mechanical seals for pumps ? Is that better than gland packing ?

SB2 cartridge mechanical seal John crane types

SB2 cartridge seal description.What is operation condition and typical material for SB2 ? From the catalog of it here you will know about that. Some other cartridge mechanical seal John crane you may interested in. What packing will be used for our mechanical seal ? Another free download manual pdf files for john crane cartridge mechanical seal installation instructions.

double mechanical seal

working principle – single vs double mechanical seal arrangement

What is a double mechanical seal ?How many types for double seal arrangement? Disadvantage and advantage ? Is there any difference between single and double mechanical seal ? We provide some double mechanical seal drawing. 5 reason to use double seal. How to use ? Something about double mechanical seal barrier fluid. What equipment a double seal can be used in ?mechanical seal failure.