mechanical seal manufacturers

        Zigong Keyu Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd are one of top mechanical seal manufacturers and exporter of mechanical shaft seal for industrial pumps. Our product widely used in KSB pumps, Grundfos pumps, US flowserve pumps, etc. And our mechanical seal can totally replace original mechanical seal in sharpe, ekato, lightnin ,sardik ,mut ,mixpro agitator and mixer etc. And the structure of those are Elastomer bellows seal, Metal bellows seal, O ring pusher seal, etc. Single seal and double seal we can supply as well.

 KYSEAL have been in mechanical seal business for over 10 years. Our founder and owner named Mark Wang, who have experience more than 20 year. We have been supplied various cartridge mechanical seal for national power station, china Petro China. 

Our excellent quality and competitive price provide many mechanical seal distributor and repair company with OEM and original mechanical seal manufacturers product without sacrificing quality.

The main scale of KYSEAL is mechanical seal. We provide various new mechanical seal , mechanical seal replacement, and pump part for OEM pump and mixer, reactor in a large amount of industries, and save much cost, significantly. We collect and arrange hundreds of mechanical drawing, that contain original equipment manufacture’s component and seal and part NO..

We design and manufacture mechanical seal upto 60 bar, 3000rpm, 300C° in various material of constructions like ss316/316L,ss304,

Sillicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, Carbon, Viton, NBR, EPDM ,PTFE, etc.From pumps to reactor for various


KYSEAL not only custom make mechanical seal, but we provide you repair option and rebuild inventory. You can send old seal to us, our engineer will examine it and give you price on repair option and rebuild inventory as needed.

With greater strategic focus than ever before, a strong and experienced technology team and clean

plan for short and long-term growth, we are building on the strength of our history to delivery a higher level of

customer services,innovation and value. Our goal is to be top mechanical seal manufacturers in world.