Zigong Keyu Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd are largest Manufacturer and exporter of high pressure,

high temperature,high speed mechanical seal. Our product widely used in KSB pumps, Grundfos pumps,

Flowserve pumps, etc. And our mechanical seal can totally replace original mechanical seal in sharpe agitator,

ekato agitator, lightnin agitator,sardik agitator,mut agitator,mixpro agitator etc. We design and manufacture

mechanical seal upto 60 bar, 3000rpm, 300C° in various material of constructions like ss316/316L,ss304,

Sillicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, Carbon, Viton, NBR, EPDM ,PTFE, etc.From pumps to reactor for various

application. With greater strategic focus than ever berfore, a strong and experienced technology team and clean

plan for short and long-term growth, we are building on the strength of our history to delivery a higher level of

customer services,innovation and value.