A example for balanced mechanical seal. we will explain about balance arrangement,especially for closing area(AC) and open are( AO). what is online balance seal ? What is advantage of real balance seal. A example for unbalanced seal. What is their difference for design and performance ? What is unbalanced mechanical seal ? what is advantage and disadvantage for unbalanced seal ? what is related pressure between closing force and surface area.

What it mean for term” balance” ?

balanced seal is one mechanical seal arrangement. Where fluid closing force on seal face have been revised through seal design. Seal balance ratio is just ratio rate of two geometric areas.  Those areas called closing area( AC) and open area(A O)  When pressure on the outter diameter, compare to pressure on inner diameter. Closing are is different. When pressure on the outter diameter, closing area down to lowest point from out diameter of seal face, where secondary seal attached to shaft or sleeve. When pressure on the inner diameter,  closing are start from highest point.

what is balanced seal ?

I would like to give you a sample for balanced mechanical seal. burgmann cartex mechanical seal is all balanced mechanical seal.When it comes to the balanced mechanical seal, we are not talking about mechanical or rotational balancing. On the contrary, we refer to hydraulic balance. For hydraulic seals, a step is usually placed in the seals, allowing a wider sealing surface. Some seals are “online” balanced, which means that the step is designed to be sealed. Due to the space limitation in the packing box, the on-line balancing seal can not completely achieve the effect that the real balancing seal can achieve, but the on-line sealing improves the sealing pressure capacity.

A example for balanced seal ?

balanced mechanical seal
balanced mechanical seal

what is unbalanced mechanical seal ?

Almost all mechanical seals can be used in unbalanced (Reference) or balanced versions. The term “unbalance” used to close the sealing surface is greater than the average pressure (pressure gradient) between the sealing surfaces multiplied by the contact area between the surfaces when the packing tank pressure is multiplied by the area (closing force) exposed to the pumping fluid. In other words, an unbalanced mechanical seal exhibits a net hydraulic closing force generated by the actual pressure to seal.

For example, if the stuffing box pressure is 50 psig (3.4BARG), the spring load must be increased. Therefore, the “surface load” or closing force on the surface will even be 50 psig times higher than the surface area. Of course, this restricts the pressure seal capacity of the unbalanced seal.

When subjected to vibration, dislocation and cavitation, the unbalanced seal is more stable than the balance seal. The drawback is their relative low pressure limit. If the closing force applied on the sealing surface exceeds the pressure limit, the lubricating film between the two sides is extruded, and the high load dry running seal fails.

A example for unbalanced seal ?

unbalanced mechanical seal
unbalanced mechanical seal

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