As we know, after we buy mechanical seal from john crane distributor. We need to install mechanical seal type 21 in water pump, i will give you some tips here. what is part name of mechanical seal type 21 ? pump mechanical seal type 21 drawing is very helpful for us to know every part of it .

pump mechanical seal type 21

mechanical seal type 21 is easy to install. Read next article, you will know some basics about it.

pump mechanical seal type 21 installation tips

Seal supply
A packet of lubricants Lap face Overlapping working face of rotary seal head. Fixed seats must be handled with care. keep Clean. Don’t scratch. Use clean, soft cloth. During installation. Protect the face. Install two Seat and rotary square to shaft. inspect Install the holder from the rear of the sealing chamber. For perpendicularity. Fixed seat installation (C)
Clean the seat of the adapter. Positioning fixed seat with silver point downward (away from you) and overlapping faces (sparkling side)You. Lubricate valve seat O ring or cup, then press. Adapter seal cavity holder Even.

Be careful not to scratch or touch.The lap of fixed seat.Check whether the surface of the fixed seat is determined.There is no dirt on the face. If there is dirt or fingerprints On the face, wipe with soft cloth carefully.
Installation of rotary head (B) Clean, polish and lubricate the shaft (or bushing).Check the lapping surface on the fixed seat and the rotary surface.
Seal the head. There must be no dirt on any face. Lightly lubricate.The rotary seal head slides on the rotating shaft. A ring for fixed seats. Press belt Until the head seat is tightly leaning against the seat. install Spring and spring retainer gasket. Installation impeller This will compress the spring to ensure the proper length. The correct pressure on the abrasive surface.

pump mechanical seal type 21 parts names

Stationary Ring ( Ceramics/Sic/TC)

Rotary Ring( Carbon/Sic/TC)

Secondary Seal( NBR/EPDM/Viton)

pump mechanical seal type 21 drawing

pump mechanical seal type 21 drawing
pump mechanical seal type 21 drawing
pump mechanical seal type 21 size
pump mechanical seal type 21 size

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