what is mechanical seal working principle ? how mechanical seal m7n work ?mechanical seal m7n parts and function.

mechanical seal m7n

mechanical seal m7n parts and function.

burgmann mechanical seal m7n is made up by stationary seal, rotary seal, rubber seal, spring, metal part.

When the moving and stationary rings are interconnected and rotate each other. Compensation is achieved through spring pressure. The dynamic and static ring is always in a bonding state to achieve the sealing effect. The rubber seal acts as an auxiliary seal.

Stationary seal: carbon/sic/tungsten carbide

Rotary seal: carbon/sic/tungsten carbide

Rubber seal: Viton/NBR/EPEM/PTFE

Spring: hastelloy

Metal part: 304/316

how mechanical seal m7n work ?

Mechanical seal is a very effective device. Each centrifugal pump must accommodate a rotating shaft. while mechanically maintaining the fluid or gas contained in the “wet end” of the pump. The mechanical seal mainly consists of a rotating sealing surface. And it with a driving mechanism rotating at the same speed with the pump shaft, a fixed sealing surface matched with the rotation and maintained by a pressure cover, an integral packing box cover in some pump models and a tension component (utillizin). G spring or metal bellows) make the rotating surface firmly positioned on the fixed surface to prevent, eliminate and contain pollution and leakage, regardless of whether the pump is not working or when the pump shaft is rotating. The static seal washer, washer or elastic bellows are strategically positioned to complete the seal assembly.

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