Grundfos pump mechanical seal description & catalogual.Such as working conditions and material.What model of grundfos pumps those used in ? Any size for different type ? How much price for that.Grundfos pump seal installation instruction. It is a single spring cartridge mechanical seal. Which have almost same installation instruction as other cartridge seal.

grundfos mechanical seal

Grundfos pump mechanical seal description & catalogual

Working conditions:

Pressure: ≤3.3mpa

Speed: ≤20m/s

Temp: -20C°~250C°


We have two kinds of material for the type seal. Which is sic/sic/viton/304( HQQV) and sic/sic/epdm/304(HQQE)

What is application of it ?

Suitable for grundfos CR1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 32, 45, 64, 90 water pumps, O type shaft seal. (assembly type).

Suitable for Griffith CRN1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 32, 45, 64, 90 water pumps, O type shaft seal. (assembly type).

Common Axis Diameters: 12mm, 16mm, 22mm

What is price of it ?

Qty:1~10 , shaft size:12mm , Price:20 USD/Piece

16mm , Price:25 USD/Piece

22mm , Price:30 USD/Piece

Qty:10~50 , shaft size:12mm , Price:18 USD/Piece

16mm , Price:22 USD/Piece

22mm , Price:27 USD/Piece

Qty:50~200 , shaft size:12mm , Price:14.5 USD/Piece

16mm , Price:19 USD/Piece

22mm , Price:23 USD/Piece

Grundfos pump mechanical seal installation instruction.

what we should notice when we install it ?

1. Avoid installation deviation caused by installation

(1) The upper tightening cover shall be carried out after the coupling is aligned, and the bolts shall be tightened evenly to prevent the end face of the cover from deviating. The error of each point shall be checked with a plug ruler, which is no more than 0.05 mm.

(2) Check the fit clearance (i.e. concentricity) between the cover and the outer diameter of the shaft and sleeve, and be uniform around it. Check the allowable difference of each point with a plug ruler not more than 0.01 mm.

2. Spring compression should be carried out in accordance with the regulations. No excessive or too small phenomena are allowed. The error is 2.00mm. Excessive increase of end specific pressure will accelerate end wear. Too small will cause insufficient specific pressure and can not play a sealing role.

3. After installing the moving ring, it should be able to bounce back automatically after pressing the moving ring to the spring.

Any effect on seal ring ?

Sealing ring is the general name of dynamic ring and static ring, and is the most important component of mechanical seal. Sealing ring largely determines the service performance and life of mechanical seal. Therefore, some requirements are put forward for it.

Sufficient strength and stiffness: under working conditions (pressure, temperature, sliding speed, etc.) no damage, deformation should be as small as possible, working conditions fluctuation can still maintain sealing. Especially the sealing face should have enough strength and corrosion resistance to ensure that the product has a satisfactory service life.

Good heat shock resistance: material is required to have higher thermal conductivity and smaller linear expansion coefficient, so that it will not crack when subjected to thermal shock.

Smaller friction coefficient: Seal ring matching should have smaller friction coefficient.

Good self-lubrication: If short-term dry friction occurs in the work, the sealing face should not be damaged. Therefore, the sealing ring should have good self-lubrication, and the sealing ring material and sealing fluid should also have good wettability.



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