Our Flygt mechanical seals types 3153 description. Knowing something about mechanical seal basics . Is there any pump part manual can supply ? How much you will pay for a flygt mechanical seal seals ? What is our advantage ? What is our service for you ?

flygt 3127 pump mechanical seal

Our Flygt mechanical seals types 3127/3153 description

This kind of flygt mechanical seals types 3153 is consist of upper seal and lower seal.

The materials used for the face of the flygt mechanical seal with good corrosion resistance or high durability. we have developed a unique tungsten carbide that offers both.

Material: Tungsten&Tungsten carbide/Viton and Carbon & Tungsten carbide/Viton for upper and lower seals respectively.

The best part of flygt mechanical seals are designed so that heat is quickly transferred to the surrounding material. This keep mechanical seals temperature balanced even when they are running dry.

material of flygt mechanical seals types 3127/3153
material of flygt mechanical seals types 3127/3153

Knowing something about mechanical seal basics

Mechanical seals are normally to see in pumps. Wherever a rotating shaft moves fluid, mechanical seals to be a key role in sealing process fluids in. Pumps good or not depend on thee quality of mechanical seal.

  • Rotating primary sealing element: driven by the shaft,stationary seal against rotary seal and rotate together.
  • Stationary sealing element: fixed to the stationary housing of the pumps, Also,rotating shaft seals against to the rotating sealing element.
  • Static and dynamic secondary seals: In general, this kind of sealis made by rubber. And which is between the mechanical seal components and the equipment shaft and housing.

Is there any pump part manual can supply ?

The basic structure of the sealing system is the same for all Flygt pumps : an outer seal, a seal housing with buffer fluid, and an inner seal. The two main components in the sealing system are the outer and inner mechanical face seals. These two should not be seen as a whole primary and a secondary seal, but rather two independent seals with a little different functions. The outer seal is exposed to a hard environment and must be able to operate with hard  particles, high pressure,chemically corrosion media, impacts, etc. Hard seal faces are the only option for the outer seal.

How much you will pay for a flygt mechanical seal seals ?

We are one of professional mechanical seal manufacturers in china. And Price can be competitive, also.

As you know this kind of flygt mechanical seal is very standard part of pumps. So, price can be almost a certain price. 110 USD for a whole set ( both upper seal and lower seal).  Surely, if your operation limit is very hard, price can be a little different. But not too much.

Why our price is so competitive ? Because we have a high efficient to save cost on it. But quality have any difference with other supplier in china.

About payment term, we accept western union, TT and credit card.

What is our advantage ?

We have 8 advanced CNC machine tool , 1 CNC Vertical machining center and experienced worker. Quality and lead time can be control very well based on effective management system. We got quality assurance management certificate ( ISO9001:2008).

Our flygt pump mechanical seals export to Romania,Uganda etc, more than 1 million dollars for one year. If client have any questions , we will try to solve it in time.

What is our service for you ?

Our packing will choose the safest packing, or according to your suggestion.

If there is something wrong with the goods in transit. We will be responsible for that. We will send you a new product and pay for freight.

If you bought a flygt mechanical seal but you have no idea how to install , we will guide you to install it online.

If there is quality problem in the warranty period, we will give you a positive solution at the fastest speed.

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