mechanical seal 560a price for pumps description. How much you will pay for mechanical seal 560a ? What equipment it can be used in ? How to install in pumps ? Want to  get catalogue pdf files  of mechanical seal 560a price for pumps ? What is our service after you buy from us ?

how much mechanical seal 560a price is ?

mechanical seal 560a price for pumps description

Mechanical seal pumps are centrifugal pumps with mechanical seals to prevent fluid leakage. Due to the type of seals, the mechanical seal pump has higher energy saving and less wear and tear and less maintenance. In fact, mechanical seal pumps provide the best performance under higher pressure and more corrosive operating conditions.

Mechanical seal pumps: a wide range of applications

Mechanical seal pumps are available in many different materials and sizes to ensure that almost any application can handle them. Mechanical seal pumps are ideal for the chemical industry because of their durability and wide range of temperature capabilities. Look at our large stock of mechanical seal pumps today, find products to maximize your needs.

Design structure:

  • Single seal
  • Unbalanced
  • Independent of direction of rotation
  • Rubber bellows

Operating Limits

  • Pressure: <=0.6 MPA
  • Temp: -20C°~150C°
  • Speed: <=10m/s
  • Media: water, oil, weak corrosive.

What is mechanical seal 560a price ?

As we know seal face material is very important for a mechanical seal. So, different seal face material is different. Pls check following price.

Model Material Price (USD/Piece) MOQ
560A-30 Carbon/Sic/NBR/304 7.8 1
560A-30 Carbon/Tungsten Carbide/NBR/304 12 1

What equipment it can be used in ?

It can be used in water pumps, Pipeline pump etc.

How to install in pumps ?

If you want to know how to install mechanical seal in pumps. Pls check following Video.

Mechanical seal installation Mechanical seal installation

Want to  get 560a mechanical seal catalogue pdf files for pumps ?

560a mechanical seal

What is our service after you buy from us ?

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