As one kind of mechanical seals john crane, we will recommend john crane 5610 seal this time. When you got a new seal from distributor, you will get a manual. From that , you can find installation instructions and know what is material code of it. what is John crane 5610 application ? john crane 5610 catalogue. How to get that seal ? Other john crane seals rcommendation.

mechanical seals john crane

mechanical seals john crane

Mechanical seals john crane 5610 description

The 5610 series is single o ring seal. And it is cartridge seal, too.

A common seal head/mating ring set, utilized throughout all
versions, is reversible to allow rotating seat/mating ring or
rotating seal head operation, and is interchangeable with
metal bellows seal heads

Operation limits

Temperature: -30C°~205C°

Pressure: 21 bar

Speed: 20m/s


How to get that seal ?

As a mechanical seal user. When you need mechanical seal, so where to buy. That is problem. As for now, i’d like to tell you that you can buy from distributor in your locations. Such as you can buy from vietnam, kolkata  india, chicago The United States. And if you need much mechanical seal , you can find a mechanical seal manufacturer. After you bought that seal, you will get selection guide , installation instructions and catalogue. That will be enough information for you to use and repair mechanical seals john crane. Besides, If you want to know more information. You got to contact corporate headquarters of john crane.

John crane 5610 application

In general, mechanical seal type 5610 used in chemical, oil and gas industry. It can be used in pumps, too.

john crane 5610 catalogue

5610 drawing
5610 drawing
5610 size
5610 size

What other john crane mechanical seal we will recommend for you ?

John crane type 21 is very popular seal. Which is used in water pump and oil pump as usual. It is elastomer bellow seal. Price is cheap, installation is easy.

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