what kind of mechanical shaft seal types used in centrifugal pumps. what is a mechanical seal ? How shaft seal work ? Do you want to know something about shaft seal parts name and function ?  water pump shaft seal installation guide. mechanical shaft seal working principle & gland packing. seal face material codes & selection.us mechanical shaft seal manufacturers & supplier china type.

  CCSEAL as top five supplier of shaft seals in southeast of china. We can manufacture pump shaft seal replacement. Such as john crane type 5610. And you will see catalogue of it.

Mechanical seal basics

seal manufacturers & supplier china type

CCSEAL as one of professional seal manufacturers in china.  Our company supply standard metric seals. It can be a exact replacement for your original pump seal. Some seal of working principle that you should know. How a seal work ?  The classification of seals is multiple. There are john crane , burgmann, flowserve, roten type etc.

shaft seal types centrifugal pumps

Mechanical seal can be used in pumps. Such as centrifugal pumps. Different types of seals for different pumps.  what is a seal ? Do want to know more about seal parts name and function ?  What is difference between balanced seal and unbalanced seal ? cartridge seal vs tradition seal. cartridge seal operation.

seal working principle & gland packing

how does a seal work in a pump ? Seal working principle. Let us look through seal basics. How many components a seal have ? There are two different seal types of seal. gland packing vs seal. What is advantage of both seal types ? And what is disadvantage of both type ? We are going to classification of both type by a chart.

seal face material codes & selection

How to select a seal material ? Are there any difference for ceramics, Silicon carbide, & Carbon in seal ?Do we have material codes for classification of seals ? Off course, we do.  What is material codes for different seal? You will know that in the article. And material will have effect on seal leakage ?

Some seal recommendation

john crane 5610 catalogue

As one kind of seals john crane, we will recommend john crane 5610 seal this time. When you got a new seal from distributor, you will get a manual. From that , you can find installation instructions and know what is material code of it. what is John crane 5610 application ? john crane 5610 catalogue. How to get that seal ?

water pump seal installation guide

how to install seal in centrifugal pump ? how to install a seal on a water pump ? We can watch some related installation video to learn. The different types of pumps is different installation ways. First of all, we need to know how does a seal work in a pump ? That is seal basics.  Second of all, we need to know some part name and function of it. Maybe we can get some reference drawing, video and animation.

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